10 Comfy Living Room Decor Ideas

Your living room is the place where you spend your Sunday Funday. Fun times, right? Kids, hubby and ….uh-hm…work… everything in one place. So why not experiment a bit and make the living room a reflection of you? Why not make your living room a sanctuary that you want to spend those precious moments with your family? I did and it has been awesome! Here is some dreamy inspiration to get you started:

1. Dream Home Living Room

Rich textures, mixed patterns, black & white combinations, warm wood and a lot of comfortable furniture. OMG.  How about that wooden circular table in the middle? This living room design has everything you need (and everything I need, honestly) for a gorgeous family living space.

As seen on Becky Owens

2. Elegant Anthropologie Living Room

I’m hooked on Anthropologie. This modern design has nailed the next trends in living room designs – sleek decor with velvet and marble! I never would have thought of this combo but thanks to them, I’ll definitely try it out, and you should too!

As seen on My Domaine

3. Neutrals and Washed Color Palettes Living Room

I’ve always been a fan of vivid and colorful designs when it comes to my house. I just want to feel warm and happy. But seeing this Ballard Design for a living room, I might just reconsider my principles. Gold and silver metal finishes, balanced light and dark elements, all brought together with washed shades. The words cozy, warm, and inviting get a whole new meaning with this design!

As seen on Ballard Designs

4. Lincoln Park Living Room

When I find out that the editors of blogs actually have amazing interiors and they walk the talk – I’m immediately hooked. This couldn’t be more true with Alaina from The EveryGirl. Her apartment and living room are simply amazing – grey, white, pink, mint, gallery walls galore and plenty of styling. The best thing about it? It’s designed on a budget – most of the stuff is thrift shop or craigslist! I’m done. I’m going out shopping!

As seen on The EveryGirl

5. Barn Makeover Living Room

I wish I had a barn. Or just a boathouse. Why? Because then I’d be calling Emily like crazy to get her to remodel it and turn it into a ridiculously beautiful home. From a simple barn into this high-end condo-looking apartment. This just makes you think… You can turn anything into anything, right? Think about how you could totally transform your living room.

As seen on Emily Henderson

6. Pine Hill Living Room

Layers and layers and layers of different textures, materials, and finishes are what make me happy. This Living Room design by Beth is exactly that – a classic style, functional design but comfortable as well. You’d think simply adding layers wouldn’t be able to give this effect and I thought so too. Girl, I was sooo wrong! Check it out!

As seen on Beth Webb

7. Highgate Living Room

Do you dream of a classy house with high ceilings, a gorgeous white and blue color palette with different textures and furniture? Well, this Aussie design might win your heart immediately. Comfortable and cozy, it will keep you and your family warm throughout the year.

As seen on Highgate House

8. Pac Heights Living Room

Crisp and Fresh! I don’t think there are two words that better describe this living room design by Jay Jeffers. This one might be uber luxurious but hey, we all need to be spoiled once in a while, right? And what better way to do that than splash out on your living room?

As seen on Jay Jeffers

9. Eclectic Living Room

This is Bohemian Rhapsody translated into your living room. Seriously! It has everything. Now, it might look like too much, but notice how everything has its place in this super chic living room design by Home Polish. Rock on!

As seen on Home Polish

10. Cory Connor Living Room

Orange is the new black! I’ve followed Cory for a while and although all of his designs are out of the world, this particular one has stuck in my mind. The combo of washed orange, navy blue, and white just feels so warm and cozy for me and my family. I haven’t used this color scheme yet but I have it on my 2019 bucket list. What about you?

As seen on Cory Connor Designs

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