10 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Won’t Clean Up Your Wallet

Think it’s time to change some things up in your bathroom? You’ve got limited time and funds, but you want this small space to look gorgeous, fresh, and spacious so you can feel relaxed every time you enter. These 10 remodel ideas will make your bathroom the ultimate relaxation retreat you deserve.

1. Subway Wall

Bathroom walls don’t have to be boring. Spice up your bathroom with this stylish subway-inspired wall. This is a great way to update your space (without the noise of the trains, of course).

Source: This Old House

2. High Tech Lightning

You don’t have to have the standard over-the-top, harsh light. Why not get creative and add some of these sleek lighting ideas? Whether it’s under the bath or spot lights in the walls, these lighting ideas will definitely change the entire mood of your bathroom.

Source: Fresh Home

3. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Jars are the queens of organizing! Regardless of which room you put them in, they always find a way to be useful and beautiful. Particularly if you buy the fancy ones like the ones at Modern Mom Life. Play with the colors and build this easy mason jar organizer to instantly update your bathroom.

Source: Modern Mom Life

4. Mason Jar Soap Pump

Jars again! Jars everywhere! I love how you can basically use them for anything and anywhere. So why not put your soap in it? This is such an easy DIY project that will look fancy and be useful for the whole family!

Source: Creative Green Living

5. Hanging Bathroom Shelf

This is probably one of the coolest ideas that you can make with your family on a creative Sunday afternoon! This shelf is completely made of wood so it’s sturdy and looks amazing when put up on a bathroom wall. Check it out!

Source: Shanty – 2 – Chic

6. Trough Sink

Some mornings, the whole family rushes into the bathroom all at once. Complete anarchy, right? And at the end, you’re the last one rushing towards the car. But it doesn’t have to be that way – this trough sink is what you and your family need. All in at the same time? No problem! Now you can enjoy getting ready together in the mornings.

Source: House Beautiful

7. Old Dresser Organizer

Sometimes re-using a piece of furniture from a different room can transform a bathroom. If something just doesn’t fit in one room, it might have a better purpose in your new bathroom. What’s cooler than having your old dresser act as an organizer in your bathroom? The cheapest and easiest of all projects – I’m all in!

Source: Better Homes & Garden

8. The Oasis Shower

Ever feel like you need an escape to a desert oasis? Surrounded by oriental tiling, colors, and scents? Look no further than this amazing Moroccan style shower. This is a must-have for your bathroom remodel.

Source: HG TV

9. Maximize the Mirror

Sometimes all we have is a small bathroom at our disposal to get ready for the day ahead. But nobody said that it has to feel cramped. Adding a huge mirror will definitely give you a sense of space and will add some glamor to your morning. Check out this stylish mirror by Homedit and use it in your bathroom today.

Source: Homedit

10. Pedestal Sink

Small bathrooms don’t have to feel small anymore. With some really easy and quick fixes you can free up a lot of space to make your bathroom magically appear much bigger. That is what this pedestal sink by DIY Network does – it’s compact and minimal, giving you just a bit more room to experiment with.

Source: DIY Network

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