10 Spring Garden Ideas to Wake Up Your Curb Appeal

Sure, winter is still upon us but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning what your garden will look like in the spring! Plus, getting ready early beats waiting for the snow to melt and these easy ideas with help you kickstart your spring garden planning.

1. The Late Winter Flower

Via Garden Design

The best thing about flowers is that some can be planted as early as late winter and still bloom in full spectrum during the spring. Just like this Helleborus rose-like flower. An exquisite flower although not easy to find lately, it’s worth searching for to brighten up your garden this spring.

2. Showcase spring blooms

Via Houzz

Want some more flowers? You got it! This article by houzz will show you how you can build a bustling flower garden with almost all spring bloomers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, as well as delicate annuals like violas, primroses, and nemesias. You won’t regret it when the dreamy snow landscape fades away to reveal your backyard haven.

3. Lights on!

Via The Garden Glove

Sure, lights are great during the summer to bask in during the warm nights. But why wait for the summer when you can install some seriously cool looking lights during the spring and enjoy them right away? Check them out at The Garden Glove.

4. How about some shade?

Via The Shoreline Awnings

Again, I know the sun is not that strong in spring but consider the following… You’ve been stuck in the house  all winter and want to go outside and enjoy the unfamilair rays. But you can’t stay exposed in the sun like that, nope, it’s not good for your skin. That’s why the team at Shoreline Awnings got you covered – literally!

5. Outdoor Curtains

Via Mi Casa Revista

So having shade might not be enough they say. How about some outdoor curtains they say? Perfect! Adding them together with the shade will create a picturesque spring setting for you and your family.

6. Plant Bare root Perennials

Via The Spruce

They might not look much but believe me, with the late winter frost still charging, your garden will thank you. These bare root perennials are just what you need to make sure they survive that awful frost.

7. Raised Bed Gardening

Via My Cosy Retreat

Want to avoid the snow touching your vegetables and spices? Why not use this idea by the Cosy Retreat and build yourself a raised bed for your goodies? It’s simple and effective. Simply add some shade from above and you have yourself a safe haven for your veggies.

8. Check Grow Zones for Planting Dates

This is probably the most important idea. You could start planting everything everywhere, but if they ain’t growing in that area and soil, why waste time? The family handyman has great advice – check the plants you want to plant and if they’re safe to grow in the spot you’ve chosen to get the most out of your garden this spring.

9. Plant Just One Tree

Via House Logic

Simple right? Dead simple to be honest. It’s easy to do and you’d be doing the environment a favor. The best thing about this tree is that it requires no maintenance, unlike the rest of your garden. Hint: Try a Japanese Maple as House Logic suggests.

10. Start your seeds indoors

This is a no brainer in my opinion. Why wait for spring to kick in when you can grow your plants indoors and then just replant them later? K-cups, pots, whatever you choose, are going to start your spring plants on the right track.

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