11 Chic DIY Vanity Tables You Can Make Today

How you begin your morning determines how your whole day goes. So do yourself a favor, love yourself a bit more and treat yourself to a new vanity station so all your mornings can start off smooth.

Pro tip: Place your new vanity desk near a window. That way you’ll get tons of natural light when you’re doing your makeup, which is crucial for a natural look. A little known fact is that if it looks good in natural daylight, it will look good in any light.

1. Modern Makeup Vanity

Inspired by Pneumatic Addict

A super simple and minimalistic vanity which you can also use as an office desk. Follow the detailed tutorial from Elisha over at Pneumatic Addict to create this multipurpose, modern station.

2. See-Through Makeup Vanity

Inspired by Liz Marie Blog

Do you have a hard time finding all your stuff? Especially when it comes to makeup? A glass-top desk is a good option for you – you can clearly see where everything is. Say goodbye to the stress of not being able to find stuff 5 minutes before you need to leave home.

3. Super Creative Skateboard Shelf

Inspired by A Pair & A Spare

When space is an issue (you REALLY need a dedicated space for your beauty products), look no further than this shelf. This tutorial by Geneva over at A Pair & A Spare is 100% the easiest DIY tutorial on this list. It requires just two things – YES, ONLY TWO!

4. Clean, White, Hollywood Inspired Vanity

Inspired by Pinterest

A feminine, neat vanity with a huge light bulb mirror to make you feel like a movie star.

5. Retro Beauty Bar

Inspired by Apartment Therapy

This one is a desk made from a beautiful piece of wood. It has a large round gold-frame mirror as well as shelves and hooks on the side – everything you need to get your beauty routine going in the morning. Make sure to check out the  video of how it all came together.

6. A Gorgeous All-IKEA Vanity

Inspired by Made 2 Style

This is the one we’ve been seeing all over the internet lately. And for a good reason!

7. Simple Floating Vanity Station

This is an awesome way to use up any free space you might have by turning it into a simple, floating beauty area. Iryna did an amazing job building this vanity, and check out that gorgeous decorating as well.

8. Industrial Style Floating Make-up Station

Inspired by Rock My Style

If you’re not so crazy about having a huge vanity station and you aren’t really in need of lots of storage, then you can try out this simple option – perfect for storing your essential everyday beauty products. With its industrial look and compact size, it’s going to make a statement piece in any room.

9. 2-in-1 Vanity Station

Inspired by Instructables

If you love efficiency, this desk might just be perfect for you! The middle compartment opens up and turns into a vanity station for your morning routine. By closing the compartment, it easily turns into a gorgeous retro desk where you can finish off your work for the day.

10. Elegant and Simple

Inspired by Design Sponge

Bring some elegance into your bedroom with a simple desk that has just enough storage for all your beauty products and a marvellous brass mirror to give it some extra glam.

11. Corner Of The Room Station

Inspired by Home With Lo

Have some space in a corner near a window? I’d strongly suggest taking a look at this project I found on Home With Lo. With a hair styling station, two gorgeous mirrors, and floating shelves, this desk is perfect for any beauty fanatic.

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