11 Key Interior Design Trends For 2019

So the New Year comes around…, resolutions, plans, goals, etc etc… Let me ask you this – is your home one of the things on your New Year’s Resolution list? Because if not then you’re missing out on some of the best interior design trends you will ever see. I was amazed and I hope you will be too. Who said we should wait for the trends of 2020? They’re already here!

1. Statement Vanities

As seen on Vogue

This is something I would make when I feel like treating myself. What I love about this trend is that it focuses on the bathroom and includes things like huge mirrors (for selfies)! How cool is that? Plus, they add a beautiful statement.

2. Velvet Furnishing

As seen on Decor Aid

You’d think it’s old fashioned but boy does velvet actually look cool when mixed up with some other luxurious elements. It’s getting a lot of traction, particularly in the living room, so plan your next remodel with some velvety sofas in mind.

3. Matt Black

As seen on Interiors Online

Want some more drama in your life? Then Matt Black is your choice – considered the new grey, matt black will add some contrast in your home. Check out the gorgeous interior designs at Interiors Online for some more inspiration and be bold.

4. Warm Countertops

As seen on Elle Decor

Whites and greys are out! In with the dark and warm colors as you’ll see in the example over at Elle Decor – It’s time to freshen up and give your kitchen some contrast.

5. Simply Nautical

As seen on My Domaine

You might not be into sailing (perhaps you are) but regardless, this nifty little bathroom style will make you feel as if you are already on the open seas, below deck. 

6. Clean White With A Splash of Color

As seen on Design Milk

We’ve had enough of the black and white, monochromatic style in the kitchen, right? Well, Amy predicts (and I agree completely) that 2019 is the time for some bold patterns!

7. Colorful Kitchen Appliances

As seen on Forbes

Colors everywhere! Adding some bold and splashy colors to your kitchen will be a great way to spice up your interior design for 2019. Amanda from Forbes has some great ideas and according to her, no matter where you live, you can adjust the colors to fit your environment perfectly.

8. Green Everywhere

As seen on Dream Livings

Colors again but this time we’re focusing on green. It’s not only about the greenery that you’ll put in your home but revamping your whole decor in shades of green. This is something to look out for in 2019.

9. Smart And Clever Designs

As seen on Vogue

Small homes should not look cramped. In fact, today’s home remodelers are finding ways to make small homes look spacious! Functionality in small spaces and smart storage furniture will make 2019 much bigger than it is.

10. The Color Of The Year: Living Coral

As seen on iDesign Arch

Bedrooms shouldn’t feel traditional anymore. In fact, mixing up some of this year’s color trends in your bedroom will make it feel transformed and give your space a serene feel, regardless of its size. 

11. Moody Blues

As seen on My Plum Design

Not feeling the Living Coral color? No worries, because the guys over at My Plum Design have figured out that blue is a great alternative and when mixed with brass and bronze finishes, will make your living room pop.

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