11 Porch Decor Ideas for a Killer First Impression

There is so much inspiration out there for decorating interiors. But what about the outside? First impressions are important. Although the porch is just a small space, it makes a big impact so it’s important to beautify it and add some character. Below you’ll find some really cool small, simple ideas, big projects, and colorful decorations. All of which you can use today to make your home even more beautiful from the outside.

1. Al Fresco Dining

Go French or go home. Ok, technically you are home but you can still make your porch feel as if it’s in the French countryside. Use some of these super cool, easy tricks by Country Living and viva la France!

Source: Country Living

2. Greenery for softer edges

Want your porch to be soft and inviting? Well, look no further, these Better Home & Garden tips will make your porch look exactly that.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

3. Old School Walkup

Old school still rocks! Just glance over this article from BackYard Boss for inspiration to make your new home look awesome, the old school way.

Source: BackYard Boss

4. Bird Feeder That Doesn’t Freeze

One of the nicest things you can hear in the morning (besides your family) is the birds chirping on the porch. But what happens when your water feeder freezes in the winter? Worry not! This genius hack will keep your birds coming back for more and your porch looking beautiful.

Source: Front Porch Ideas and More

5. Side Table Salad

If you’re into sitting on your porch, chillin’ and sippin’ cocktails (who isn’t?), then there is nothing better than having some fresh herbs to spice up your mojito. Check out this unique side table that will definitely spice up your next chill session.

Source: Bob Vila

6. Macrame Hammock Chair

Just imagine swinging in a hammock with your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This Macrame Hammock Chair will rock your fantasy. Comfy, cozy and perfect for reading that book you’ve always wanted to get around to.

Source: Good Housekeeping

7. Pumpkins, Printables and Chalkboard

This one might be a fall decoration but I use it all year long! Just stash some pumpkins, write a feel-good message on the board and you’re good to go!

Source: Lolly Jane

8. Vintage Mashup Look

The great thing about your porch is that you can use anything to make it look more cheerful and interesting. Like this vintage look from Our Vintage Home Love – a simple yet striking design that will boost your porch’s curb appeal.

Source: Our Vintage Home Love

9. Outdoor Room

Not enough space in your house? Why not turn your front porch into another room? Put up a simple bed, add a lot of pillows and some covers and there you go! You can chill and enjoy the fresh air in your newly created outdoor retreat.

Source: Tatertots Angello

10. Fancy Front Door

What’s the best way to make a first impression? An awe-inspiring front door that’s the fanciest thing people see when they walk up. Use the tips and tricks from Thistlewood Farms and make sure you have a killer front door.

Source: Thistlewood Farms

11. Hanging Flower Rack

Jenna has some serious skills! I read her article for some ideas on porch design and was amazed at what she’s done with hers. Particularly the hanging flower rack which you can hang anywhere in your porch to create a floral oasis.

Source: Jenna Burger

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