12 Travel Gadgets You Must Carry In 2019

I’m not a fan of carrying two suitcases and two carry on bags. Why would anyone do that? You really only need the basic necessities on the trips you take. That’s why I love taking a couple of my favorite gadgets with me to make my trip as comfortable as possible. You can never be too prepared but be prepared enough. Dive into this list to discover the must-have travel gadgets in 2019!

1. Travel Pillow


I used to have the usual travel pillow with me but that proved inefficient and caused a lot of spine problems. Until I found this miracle. The ultimate travel pillow. It gives full lateral support and makes you fall asleep easily. What more can you ask for?

2. SoundBender for iPads

I wish I was an inventor but I travel too much. Luckily, there are people that care for us travellers. This soundbender gadget for Ipads is the perfect gadget to focus the audio where it should be focused – on me!

3. Sandless Beach Mat

Well I’m sold just by the name. You know when you head home from the beach and find sand everywhere for days? I love sand but not that much. This gadget helps me keep the sand off me and safely on the beach!

4. Multifunctional Backpack with USB Charger

You know how I said I hate taking too many suitcases? Well this one backpack changed my life. It’s rigged with tons of super cool accessories that make travelling easier than ever. So you can carry less stuff on your next trip.

5. Polarizing Filters


So you’re taking the perfect photo on your travels. Everything is set, all the settings on the right mode and snap! Worst photo ever right? Well with these filters, you can avoid that. They act the same as sunglass filters so take ‘em on your next adventure and never take a bad photo again.

6. Water Purifier Bottle


Traveling should be healthy but it’s often challenging. You never know when and where you’ll stumble upon a place where the water just seems fishy. No worries, just take this bottle that purifies water – wait 15 seconds and drink it fresh!

7. M7450 Mobile Wi-Fi

Hate roaming charges? Who doesn’t! With this nifty mobile Wi-Fi gadget you can avoid that and roam the internet safely wherever you are.

8. Fabric Steamer

So you’ve been traveling for 8 hours and your clothes are just looking awful! What to do? Instead of ironing them use this nifty fabric steamer and make your clothes look fresh and new.

9. A Selfie Button

The selfie craze will never fade out nor should it! Otherwise, how will people know you’re traveling and having the time of your life? Now you can become a master selfier and snap selfies easily! Look like you never even intended to take that photo – candidness overload!

10. Shirt carrier

Ok so sometimes you have to mix business and pleasure when travelling and that’s fine. But how do you keep that shirt perfectly pressed? Easy, just use this shirt carrier and you’re good to go.

11. Collapsible cup

Yes! Coffee on the go just got a different meaning! Or tea. Or juice. Whatever you drink, taking this collapsible cup takes up less room in your luggage and means you can say no to disposable cups on your travels.

12. Worldwide Travel Charger

If you travel as much as I do, you know how troubling it is to find yourself in a country where your adapter just doesn’t fit the outlet. It’s painful. But thanks to this WW travel charger, that pain washes away while you’re chilling on a sunny beach in Greece waiting for your phone to charge.

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