14 Innovative Ways to Use Wallpaper

When you think about wallpaper, you might picture a rather outdated room with bright floral walls. Or maybe a nursery with cute animal print wallpaper as a feature wall. . But over the past few years a trend has arisen: using wallpaper as a creative way to upcycle  furniture. Thanks to the beautiful various designs now on the market, you can have a lot of fun with your next project. So let’s begin!

1. On walls

Yeah, on your walls, but not in the traditional way. Frame it up with some molding that is the same color of your walls, and you’ll have a gorgeous piece of art right there.

2. Stair embellishment

If you’re not too keen on placing wallpaper on your walls, head over to Pillar Box Blue where Claire has upcycled a lot of her furniture, including her stair risers which turned out to be super funky.

3. Wallpaper Photo Backdrop

If you’re an aspiring photographer, blogger, or you just have a party coming up soon and you need a focus piece for it – look no further than cheap backdrop (it’s probably already in your home).

4. As gift wrapping paper

Got any scraps of unused wallpaper? Instead of throwing them away, you could save them for any gift wrapping occasions you have coming up. Just sayin’.

5. As a table cover

Another beautiful way to revive that old furniture you have at home is with a gorgeous cover. If you’re not really into patterns, there are always other options such as unicolored, marble, or wood wallpaper. The choice is yours!

6. Chalkboard wallpaper

This is wallpaper you can actually utilize. It would work perfectly in any kitchen for jotting down grocery lists, in an office where you could write down important notes, or kids room where your kids could let their imaginations run wild.

7. Furniture refurbishment

If you have any old furniture at home and you’re considering throwing it away or selling it at a yard sale – maybe you’ll want to rethink that decision. You can easily increase its value and beautify it by refurbishing it with some gorgeous wallpaper.

8. Paneling wallpaper

This gorgeous white wallpaper is the right choice if you’re into Georgian style houses and architectural details. It can refresh your entire home in a flash!

9. On a window shade

Want your home to seem as if you hired an interior designer? Why not start off by embellishing your roller shades with some wallpaper. Pair them with the right colored curtains and see what a huge difference it makes!

10. On clipboards

Clipboards are a great way to display any photos, art, or notes you need to have in plain sight. If you’re feeling like Cami from Tidbits and you’re not really into your plain old clipboard, you can always cover it up with some gorgeous wallpaper. The final result looks as if it’s worth at least $60.

11. As a table runner

If you have some spare wallpaper that you can’t find any use for – use it for your next dinner party as a super long table runner! If you don’t have a huge piece of wallpaper leftover,  cut it into small rectangles or circles and use them as placemats. Oh the possibilities!

12. On the ceiling

Is your ceiling plain old white? I know mine is and as much as I love white because it brightens up every room, I would definitely like to bring a little cottage charm into my home with a rustic looking, wood wallpaper such as this one.

13. On your bar

Spice up your bar area with some tiled wallpaper in a true mediterranean style. If you’re worried that it will get ruined by spilled drinks, you can always cover it up with plexiglass.

14. On a door

Are you a huge fan of panelling but  not so keen on spending a lot on real woodwork? Bring some french charm into your home with this gorgeous wallpaper. No one will be able to notice the difference!

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