15 Festive DIY Christmas Decorations

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance of DIY Christmas decorations for the holidays. DIY Christmas decorations add to the charm of the holidays and make it extra special. Want a simple craft project you can do in a couple of hours that will get you and your kids in the Christmas spirit? Try one of these DIY decoration ideas for the upcoming holidays.

1. Clementine Candles

Make your home smell like Christmas with a couple of clementines. It’s a much better and cheaper option than store-bought candles.

Inspired by 17 Apart

2. DIY Christmas Wreath Using a Hanger

Follow this simple tutorial by Jennifer from Delightfully Noted to create a pretty and  inexpensive wreath! She claims that you can even make this one handed. Well then, challenge accepted!

Inspired by HomeTalk

3. Bow Wreath

If you don’t have a lot of baubles lying around the house, try out this gorgeous bow wreath. Tip: Buy a ribbon roll (or more) and make your own bows in as many colors as you’d like!

Inspired by My Frugal Home

4. Tiny Christmas Village

If you have a large glass container lying around (or even a large jar), you can easily create this tiny village. If you’re on a budget, find some styrofoam and toy cars, cut out some houses and you’re done!

Inspired by The Nester

5. Christmas Ornaments

If you’re living in a small space, try making these cute miniature versions of a tiny Christmas village for your tree.

Inspired by mysocalledcraftylife

6. Miniature Tree Baubles 

These baubles are so sweet! Hang them on your tree or on a string to make a lovely Christmas garland.

Inspired by nobiggie

7. Rosemary Embellished Candles

There’s no need to spend money on scented candles anymore thanks to these rosemary embellished candles.

Inspired by Umelecky

8. DIY Bauble Garland

Perhaps the simplest one of all –  take some baubles (one color or a combo), and place them one by one on a thin rope or a string, making a knot after each addition.

Inspired by Boxwood Clippings

9. Ping Pong Ball Lights

This is a really neat DIY project if the bright lights from your Christmas tree bother you.

Inspired by Created By V.

10. Miniature Wine Cork Trees

Next time someone gives you a hard time because of your love for wine, show them this DIY project!

Inspired by Live Laugh Rowe

11. Pine Needle Tassels

This is one of my favorite DIY projects in this list. If you don’t have rope at home, you can use rubber bands or a string. Or if you want to take it to another level, you can dip the bottom of the needles in glue and then in silver glitter. There are so many ways to customize this decoration – it’s a must try indeed!

Inspired by About Garden

12. Minimalist Christmas Tree

Not enough space at home for a Christmas tree? No worries – there is always a solution thanks to the DIY community. Make sure to try out this simplistic wall tree by Creative Spotting.

Inspired by Creative Spotting

13. Evergreen Candle

Once again, you can use any glass container you have spare for this if you’re not feeling like spending money on a new one.

Inspired by Better Homes & Gardens

14. Glitter and Lights Canvas

You can get very creative with this one. Make several small canvases using 2-3 colors and get crazy with the glitter. I mean, let your imagination run wild!

Inspired by Joann

15. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Want a different kind of Christmas Tree this year? Or maybe several to put around the house? Then you’ll definitely love this plastic spoon Christmas tree!

Inspired by One Project Closer

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