16 DIY Small Indoor Gardens

Who doesn’t love having fresh produce to hand to prepare easy and healthy meals? Whether you live in a small place, or a huge condo, you can grow fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs in your own kitchen. It’s easy, requires almost no maintenance and your family will be very happy and healthy.

1. Skinny planter

An elegant and sophisticated solution for garden enthusiasts living in small spaces.

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess

2. Water garden

An unusual, yet unique garden that could also be home to some little aquatic friends!

Inspired by Tilly’s Nest

3. Garden in a cart

These IKEA carts are perfect for growing a LOT of plants. Plus, you can easily move it around if you get bored of how it looks in one place.

Inspired by Succulents and Sunshine

4. Wall planter

Inject some minimalistic Scandinavian decor into your home with this beautiful wire rack planter.

Inspired by Lana Red Studio

5. Ladder garden

Find any old ladder you have – it could be a step ladder or you could make your own with reclaimed wood – it’s entirely up to you!

Inspired by Balcony Garden Web

6. Hanging coconut shell garden

Coconuts are not just for Luau themed parties anymore. They are pretty great planters too! Get some succulents (which are very easy to look after by the way) and let them hang in there.

Inspired by Poppy Talk

7. Vertical Pallet Garden

This is an easy to follow tutorial on making your own herb planter like the one from IKEA!

Inspired by Nifty

8. Mason jar garden

For your next weekend project, check out this easy, 7-step, hanging planter by Claire over at Camille Styles.

Inspired by Camille Styles

9. Copper PVC Planter

A cheap and easy to make planter that looks like it’s worth $100! Plus it’s a great conversation piece.

Inspired by Craft Bits

10. Driftwood Succulent Planter

For fans of natural interior decor, this is a gorgeous centerpiece for your next party or evening dinner with friends.

Inspired by Hunker

11. The Cheater’s Terrarium

Looks can be deceiving with this next one. This lantern provides a great indoor mini terrarium. Mixed with some real plants, this mini fake garden will fool anyone and still look great.

Inspired by We Live the Given Life

12. Real Terrarium

Who doesn’t love a terrarium? This one, on the other hand, is alive and kicking with natural components and real plants.

Inspired by Refinery 29

13. Bar Cart Plant Garden

Ready for a modern, steel inspired garden? This one will blow your mind and have your dinner guests drooling. It’s the perfect fit for a mini bar.

Inspired by Honestly WTF

14. Herb Wreath

Who said a garden has to be stressful? This project by Paul looks difficult but it’s so easy to make to easily add a tad more nature to your home. Be careful of the dripping moss though and put it somewhere nice and dry.

Inspired by Sweet Paul

15. Cupped Plants

This is as easy as it gets. I was blown away the first time I saw these cupped plants and how they added life to the kitchen. You don’t have to use big plants, you can go with some simple herbs here.

Inspired by Backyard Boss

16. Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden

Do you have a spare ladder that you rarely use around the house? Now you can turn it into this beautiful-looking tiered ladder planter. The best part is you can put it wherever you want and have different types of herbs and spices to spice up your cooking.

Inspired by Ana White

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