6 Remote Places You Must Visit in 2020

You know how people talk about a bucket list but never fulfil it? I was like that for a while until I said enough! I wanted to travel and I wanted to do it now so I made a list of all the places that I wanted to visit each year. This year, I wanted something different and spicier. Cold, warm, hot and freezing – didn’t matter as long as I was there and experiencing the different cultures. You know how they say, money fills the pockets but adventures fill the soul? Well dive into this article and set  your soul free on your next adventure.

1. The Easter Island

As seen on The National Geographic
Image by Marlene Hanssen from Pixabay

Big Stone Heads were created by the native people Rapa Nui. They stand tall and speak volumes of their creators’ abilities to build monuments that stand against time. Even today, nobody knows how they were able to build them. Situated some 2300 miles west of South America, this island is a must-see for any adventure lover and explorer out there.

2. Naxos Island

As seen on Greek Travel

You hear all about Greece, Santorini, Athens and other popular places in the Aegean but one place that is left undiscovered is this gem of an island called Naxos. You’d be surprised how much green land this island holds and it has everything you might ask for – sandy beaches, great food, parties and a lot of culture and history.

3. San Juan Islands

As seen on Guide To San Juans
Image by Nature-Pix from Pixabay

172 islands, Orca pods, hiking, cycling, sandy beaches… Is there anything else you need? Ah yes, nothing! This is a huge archipelago where some of the islands can’t be seen during high tide but is filled with wildlife such as River Otters, Sea Lions, and many more. It’s easy to get lost here but don’t worry – you know the saying, you’ll never meet a stranger here? That speaks a lot about the locals and how they treat visitors. Let the adventures begin!

4. Koh Phi Phi

As seen on The Journey Junkie

Ah the movie Island… You never hear about a place until you see it in a movie and then you want to go there instantly! With a remote location, aqua blue waters, lush mountains, and party atmosphere, what more do you need? One of the most popular islands in Thailand, it’s a must-visit for anyone who has a bucket list for 2019. With no roads, this extremely small island offers a lot more than its size can handle – you’ll probably won’t be able to visit everything in one go. It’s a place that shows how island life should look, much like in the movie.

5. Vatnajokull National Park

As seen on The Crazy Tourist

Enough of islands. Oh wait, we’re at Iceland haha! This is the northernmost place on the Earth where you’ll feel as if you’re in a Ridley Scott movie. If you’re into the most beautiful isolated nature in the world, Vatnajokull is the place to go. It offers a variation of landscapes such as lowlands, glaciers, mountains and meadows – there’s something for everyone. Explore enough and you might see the roaming reindeer as well!

6. Patagonia, Argentina

As seen on Nomadasaurus

Seriously, enough of islands. But not enough of the cold weather! This time it’s Patagonia. The place is so famous it has its own brand of clothing. It’s not as cheap to visit as the rest of the places in this article but it’s seriously beautiful and a must-do trip for any nature junkie. Want to see glaciers? They’re there. Want to climb some rocky mountains? Check. Want to enjoy some of the best beef steaks in the world? Check again! Situated in the far north in Argentina, Patagonia can be visited throughout the year. So pack your bags and get ready for a world-class experience!

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