6 Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Entire House Sparkle

Spring cleaning is good for the mind as well as the eyes. Decluttering our homes, cleaning away the dust, throwing out the unnecessary “I might need this” items in the back of our closets, all result in our homes becoming clean, calm sanctuaries we can finally enjoy.

The thing is, it’s very easy to postpone spring cleaning. Let’s face it, it’s what we all often do. But look at it this way – the longer you postpone it, the more stressed and frustrated you’ll become seeing all the stuff waiting there to be cleaned up.

So why not just make yourself do it now? You’ll find it much easier to start off your spring cleaning with the tips I share below. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips that can make this whole process far easier!

1. Make A Plan For Each Room

Before you even think of doing anything, you have to have a plan. Go into every room of your home and take note of what needs to be cleaned, which supplies you’ll need, etc.

You can also check out this handy room by room checklist I found on Oprah to get you started.

2. Think Of What You’d Like Your Rooms To Look Like

This is where a vision board might come in handy. However, if you don’t want to spend extra time on creating one, the simplest way is to take a notebook, a pen, and start writing. Ask yourself:

  • What would I like to change?
  • What would I like to keep?
  • How do I want everything to be arranged?
  • Which objects are preventing my vision becoming a reality?

It will be much easier to get the spring cleaning done with a set goal in mind.

3. Don’t Overburden Yourself

Set a deadline for yourself but don’t be too strict. Not everything can be finished in one day, so make sure you set aside enough time for yourself and go at a steady pace so you avoid burning out and quitting the project altogether.

4. Make A Shopping List

This step is optional. It really depends on whether you already have everything in your home. Remember, you’ll need to have the right cleaning supplies for this task including sponges, mops, and detergents. You could go full organic and DIY your cleaning supplies to avoid bringing more chemicals into your home.

5. Strategize Your Storage

Don’t fall into the trap of buying huge amounts of storage bins and containers just to have the same old stuff lying around but neatly organized. Stop fooling yourself! I’ve been there and let me tell you, it still has the same stress-inducing effect as before.

So, make sure you prioritize between what you REALLY need and what you can get rid of. If you have some sentimental items that you find really hard to throw then, yes, but ONLY allow one container and store them there. The rest can either be thrown out or donated if in good condition.

6. Strategize Your Breaks

We’ve all had it happen. You have a project in mind, you’re full of ideas, passion, and energy, you start off the project, you get everything ready, and of course, halfway through you get tired and want to take a little nap. And that little nap turns into a 2 month break from the project and all your supplies sit in  a corner of your bedroom, neatly tucked away gathering dust.

Don’t do this to yourself. One way you can prevent this from happening is by setting alarms or timers for yourself on your phone. For example, you could set an alarm for a 15 minute break which is more than enough time for you to catch a breath and give yourself a well deserved rest.

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