8 Gorgeous Home Office Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Instantly

Whenever I hear the word “office” it instantly reminds me of cubicles, greyness, and sounds of printers printing, keyboard clicking, and neon lights flickering above. BUT, a home office is totally different… It’s completely customizable and that’s why I’m in love with the idea of remodeling mine. I’ve been looking at beautiful office designs for a long time and although they might look intimidating and unachievable, that doesn’t have to mean they have to be out of reach. This little list of ideas will hopefully inspire you to make your home office cozier, or just create a space where you can work on building your business in peace and quiet.

1. Compact office

I instantly fell in love with this space saving home office. I mean, the desk is pure genius. It looks elegant, it has enough room for you to place your laptop and other necessities, and when you close it up it turns into a wonderful shelf with storage cabinets. It doesn’t get dusty easily, plus if you have small children you won’t have to worry about them going through your desk because you can easily lock it up. Genius!

2. Minimalistic collaborative workspace

Such a simple solution for your office needs. You can buy a couple of cheap wood boards and create this totally minimalist desk space yourself. Plus, it serves as a great place where your kids can do their homework in peace.

3. Let there be light

One thing that almost all corporate offices lack is natural light which can greatly affect a person’s mood and motivation. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure that torture at home. Find a good spot near a window, place your desk there, and witness the instant impact it has on your energy and wellbeing. 

4. Desk as a focal point

This one can immediately give you a feeling of being the CEO of a large company, all in your own home. Simply placing your desk in the center of the room, overlooking a sofa or a couple of chairs, can boost your confidence – believe me! Also, you can tell that the desk was very carefully chosen to be the focal point of the room, with it’s retro look and unique storage space. It’s truly gorgeous.  

5. Unleash some creativity (and color)

If you’re more into boho, chic decor then this workspace is just right for you. By adding a huge pinboard above your desk, you can create your very own art, a vision board, or use it for adding simple day to day notes. And if you don’t plan on adding color to your walls, you can always add it in the form of plants! 

6. Pink!

Oh what I’d give to have an office like this. The white windows paired with the pink walls, the golden tones in the desk and wall art, all make for a girly, chic home office.  A comfortable office chair is all that’s left to find for those spending a lot of time at a desk, so make sure you choose one that is both supportive and goes well with this decor.

7. Rustic corner desk office

If your house is cramped or you live in a small apartment, a corner of the living room can easily become the place you use to get work done. With some carefully chosen decor and a comfy chair, this corner will be a place you never want to leave.

8. Kitchen Office Nook

You know, having a lot of counters can usually make for a messy kitchen because you’re constantly leaving stuff out on them. So why not use one of those counters to make your very own little productive space, where you can get some work done while cooking dinner?- All without having to worry about burning anything. It’s a win-win situation!


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