87 Genius Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas For Your Kitchen

With our lives becoming busier and busier, we seem to have less and less time to prepare meals at home. The thought of standing in a cluttered kitchen to cook food is so unappealing we often end up ordering take out and avoiding it completely!

But cooking and preparing meals doesn’t have to be so stressful. With our easy tips, tricks and ideas for organizing your kitchen, we’ll help you get your kitchen clean, tidy and organized. Not only will this make cooking much quicker and easier, but it will also help you create a peaceful kitchen you can’t wait to spend time in.

Tips, hacks, and tricks to organize your kitchen and time

1. Declutter

First thing is first, it’s time to declutter. It’s almost impossible to organize your kitchen when you have too much stuff for find a home for. Go through your gadgets, utensils, cutlery, and crockery and throw away anything that hasn’t been used in six months. For everything else, ask yourself is it functional and/or beautiful? If the answer is no to both, it’s got to go!

2. Store like with like

The best organization strategy for the kitchen is to store like with like. Keep all tins together, all dried goods together, all cleaning products together. This way you will easily know what goes where and won’t spend valuable time searching for things.

3. Hang mugs from under shelves

Mugs are clunky and take up so much space in cupboards. Instead, install some simple hooks under shelving and hang them by the handles. This way they are out of the way but still give the kitchen some color.

4. Store utensils in mason jars

Sort your most-used utensils into pretty mason jars on the counters. This will keep them organized and stylish.

5. Use fruit bowls to store healthy snacks for kids to grab

Kids tend to tear the kitchen apart when they’re looking for their favorite snack after school and can leave the place in a mess. Keep some healthy snacks in a fruit bowl near the entrance of the kitchen so they can run in and grab something without creating chaos.

6. Use cute baskets to store tea towels on shelves

Tea towels can take up valuable drawer space. Instead, store them in cute baskets up on shelves. This keeps them organized while freeing up drawer space for things you don’t want out on display.

7. Hook pots and pans on a towel rail on the end of a cabinet

The ends of cabinets are dead space. Make these functional by adding a simple towel rack. You can hang your pots and pans to free up cupboard space and keep them handy for cooking.

8. Store spices on your fridge with magnetic jars

Magnetic spice jars are a fun way to keep your spices organized. Simply stick them to the side of your fridge for easy access and add labels so you always know which is which.

9. Add a rack to the end of your cabinets for cookbooks

If you don’t have much space at the ends of your cabinets, you can still make the space useful by adding a magazine rack. Easily store your favorite cookbooks here to keep them on hand when cooking.

10. Store leftovers in clear containers to easily see what’s inside

Have you ever got some leftovers out of the freezer and defrosted it only to discover it wasn’t what you thought it was? Take the stress away by storing your leftovers in clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside when stacked in the freezer. Think about adding labels for extra convenience.

11. Hang frequently used utensils near the prep area

Utensils take up so much drawer space and tend to get tangled when thrown together. Keep prepping simple and easy by hanging your most frequently used utensils on the wall over your prep space.

12. Add shelves for plates, bowls, and glasses

Floating shelves are an easy way to add more storage to your kitchen. Many people worry they gather dust, but by only storing frequently used plates, bowls and glasses, dust doesn’t have time to gather. Plus, it’s a lovely way of displaying your crockery while keeping it organized.

13. Designate zones

No matter the size of your kitchen, it’s always best to designate zones. Have a prep space, a cleaning area, a laundry area, etc. This will help you keep each area organized and will inform where you store each item.

14. Keep countertops clear

Do you have 18 different appliances out on your countertops that hardly get used? These make a kitchen feel overcluttered and make it a chore to be in there. Only keep appliances and utensils out that are used every single day. Store everything else away to keep your countertops clear and tidy.

15. Add a magnetic pad to the fridge

This is a quick and easy way of keeping track of what needs to go on the shopping list each week. When you run out of something, immediately add it to your weekly list. Never again will you stress out about forgetting to pick something up from the supermarket!

Pantry Organization

1. Store like with like

Just like with your cupboards, store similar items together in your pantry. This will save you tons of time searching for things and will keep the space beautifully organized.

2. Use clear containers

One of the main things that makes a space look messy is loads of different boxes and containers. To give your pantry a uniform, organized look, buy clear containers to store your non-perishable goods. This will also make it easy to see what’s where.

3. Utilize the back of the door

The back of the door is usually wasted space. Think about hanging hooks to hang utensils, tea towels, and aprons, or even a fabric shoe rack for smaller items.

4. Use magazine organizers to stack tins

You know those cardboard files you use for storing paper and magazines? They are perfect for storing tins! It keeps them stacked so they take up less space and you can easily see when you’re running low.

5. Add chalkboard paint to a spare wall

Chalkboard paint is a wonderful addition to a kitchen. Add it to a spare bit of wall in your pantry to keep a shopping list, your favorite recipes, or a measuring chart.

6. Use metal mesh baskets for packets

Packets tend to get strewn when left on shelves, making a pantry look messy. A simple mesh basket keeps them organized and together. Plus, you can easily pull the entire basket off the shelf to find what you’re looking for.

7. Use tall, thin containers for cereals

Cereal boxes are tall and thin for easy storage. Transfer cereals into clear, thin, tall containers to keep space to a minimum and the look cohesive.

8. Label everything

Labels are your best friend in your pantry. It’s much easier to keep the area organized when everything has a label. These are cheap to buy, or you can make your own to give your pantry a personal touch.

9. Use large crates under shelves

Store large, bulky items in large boxes or crates under the shelves in your pantry. By putting these large items in storage boxes, you can keep the room looking cohesive and organized..

10. Use a lazy susan

A lazy susan is a circular platform that spins. These are perfect for your spices and small jars! Rather than items getting stuck at the back of shelves and forgotten about, a lazy susan means you can easily find everything you need quickly.

11. Add hooks for tea towels, aprons and oven mitts

These items take up so much space in drawers. Instead, add some simple hooks to walls, the back of the door, or the side of shelves to hang them up in easy reach.

12. Hand infrequently used utensils on hooks

Some utensils like serving spoons are bulky and difficult to store in drawers. But these are easy to hang on hooks in your pantry. Add a zip tie to the loop in the utensil and hang it for an organized look.

13. Add a chip rack

You know how supermarkets hang bags of chips from those vertical racks in the aisles? These are the perfect addition to your pantry! Easily keep chips organized while looking cool. Kids can easily run in and grab a bag without having to root through boxes.

14. Add a trolley on wheels for frequently used items

If you’ve got a set of items you’re always pulling out of the pantry, for example, if you love baking and do it all the time, think about adding a trolley to your pantry. You can store your frequently used items on the trolley and pull it out and put it away quickly and easily.

Cupboard Organization

1. Use risers in your cupboards

Risers are inserts which give you double the shelving space. This is a great organizing hack for stacking trays, pans, lids and other items that usually get stacked in a heap.

2. Store products near where you use them

Keep your cleaning products near the sink, your laundry items near the washer and dryer, and your bin liners next to the bin. This will save you time walking around across the kitchen every day, saving you time and energy.

3. Add hooks to cupboard doors

The insides of cupboard doors are wasted space. Add hooks or rails to them to store brushes, utensils, cleaning products or pan lids. This takes up less space in the cupboard itself and makes these items more easily accessible.

4. Use file organizers to stack baking trays

Baking trays can be stressful to store because they get stacked in large piles making them difficult to retrieve. Instead, put them vertically in a file organizer so they are easily accessible and organized.

5. Add roll dispensers to cupboard doors for trash bags

You know how your toilet roll is on a roll dispenser? These are also perfect for trash bags! Save drawer space and make grabbing a trash bag quick and easy. Bonus points if you can add this to a cupboard right next to the trash can to save time.

6. Add measuring cups and spoons to the back of cupboard doors

Another great way to make use of the cupboard doors is to hang your measuring cups and spoons here. You can also add measurement conversions to make baking and cooking a breeze.

7. Stack drink bottles in a magazine holder

Drinks bottles take up so much space in cupboards and easily get knocked over when you’re reaching for something else. Keep bottles neat and organized by stacking them in a magazine holder or similar container.

8. Store cleaning supplies in one large container

Cleaning cupboards easily become chaotic with all the different bottles and potions. To keep this space organized, buy a large clear container to store all your cleaning supplies together. This way, you can pull out the entire box when you’re ready to clean making the whole process much quicker.

9. Color coordinate your cupboards

To make your kitchen fun and a joy to be in, color coordinate your cupboards. Buy cohesive containers and add wallpaper to the backs of the cupboards to make them pretty and organized. This is an easy way to make your kitchen a retreat you want to spend time in.

10. Hang a corkboard inside cupboard doors

Sticking important letters and notes to the fridge instantly makes a kitchen feel cluttered. Instead, add a corkboard to the inside of a cupboard and pin all your letters and notes here. This will keep the kitchen looking organized while making sure you have all your important information in one place.

11. Invest in beautiful matching containers

Nothing makes a kitchen look beautifully organized like matching containers. Invest in some mason jars, clear containers and beautiful labels for all your non-perishable products to make your kitchen a wonderfully organized retreat.

Drawer Organization

1. Add diagonal drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are your best friend when you’re adding structure to your kitchen. They give you a designated space to keep those long, awkward utensils that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

2. Add clear containers to deep drawers

Deep drawers are a great place to store non-perishable items like flour, cereals, and nuts. Put these items in wide, clear containers with a scoop to give a professional look to your drawers with easy access.

3. Add organizers for cutlery

There are all sorts of organizers on the market that allow you to keep any sized drawer clean and tidy. Simply add in a tray or different sized boxes to keep your cutlery, utensils, and nick-nacks separate and organized.

4. Hide sockets for charges and cables

Charges look messy when they’re left out on the countertops. Hide them away by having a dedicated drawer with an extension lead for charging phones and electronics.

5. Keep frequently used utensils near prep space

Make your kitchen as functional as possible by keeping your spoons, knives and other cooking utensils as near to your prep and cooking space as possible. This limits your time running around the kitchen and makes cooking much more enjoyable.

6. Store like with like

Just like your pantry and cupboards, store like with like in your drawers to make sure everything has a dedicated home.

7. Add liners to make drawers pretty

Add a touch of style and uniqueness to your drawers by adding a pretty drawer liner. You can get these in any color or pattern you can think of to match your kitchen. The prettier and more inviting you can make your kitchen space, the more time you’ll want to spend in there.

9. Remove non-kitchen items from the kitchen drawers

Clutter tends to build up in the kitchen and before you know it, your drawers are filled with junk that doesn’t even belong in the kitchen. Take some time to go through your drawers and take out everything that isn’t used in the kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how much practical space you gain!

10. Add hinges to fake drawer fronts

The sink usually has a drawer front under it that isn’t actually a drawer. To make use of this space, add hinges to the drawer face so it opens. You can store sponges and washing up rags by adding a rack so these aren’t on show.

11. Add racks and pegs to deep drawers

Deep drawers are a great place to store plates and saucepans but they tend to get cluttered and over-filled. By adding a plate rack or pegs to the drawer, you keep them organized and tidy as well as easily accessible.

12. Add drawers to large cupboards

Have you got large cupboards that have a lot of wasted space near the top? Add in some sliding drawers! It’s simple to add tracks to a cupboard and drawers mean you can fit more in your cupboards while making sure it’s all in easy reach.

13. Add simple dividers to keep things separate

Dividers allow you to add different sections to the same drawers to keep items tidy. Simply slide them into your drawers to create separate compartments as needed.

14. Roll tea towels to keep them neat

Towels take up a lot of drawer space. By rolling them and stacking them you keep your drawer looking tidy and you can clearly see how many towels you have. This means you don’t end up with too many over-cluttering your space.

Small Kitchen Ideas

1. Alternate the direction you stack wine glasses

Stacking wine glasses one upside down, one right way up allows them to nestle together – taking up less space on the shelf while looking neat and tidy.

2. File platters, chopping boards, and baking trays

Rather than stacking these thin items which makes them messy and difficult to grab, stack them upright in a narrow cupboard to save space and stress.

3. Heaviest goes lowest on shelves

In a small kitchen, storing large items up high makes the room feel small and cramped. Keep your larger items on the lowest shelves to give the room more breathing space.

4. Add narrow shelving to empty wall space for spices

A simple narrow shelf is a great way to store spices without taking up any extra cupboard space. A bonus tip is to put all your spices in the same containers to give the kitchen a cohesive look.

5. Consider a narrow island with shelving space for extra storage

The idea of putting an island in a small kitchen might sound crazy, but a narrow island with added storage can define the space and give you more room for prepping.

6. Build a breakfast nook with a storage bench

A bench takes up less space than chairs and has a bonus of extra storage. It’s a great way to add a cozy area to a small kitchen where the whole family can gather.

7. Add wire bins to the tops of cabinets

Utilize the empty space above your cabinets by adding wire bins. You can keep infrequently used items up there to keep cupboard space clear. Using wire baskets also allows light through which will keep your small kitchen as spacious as possible.

8. Add sliding shelves behind the fridge

Do you have a gap down the side of your fridge? Create a narrow set of sliding shelves on wheels to make this dead space useful!

9. Add LED lighting strips to shelves and cupboards

Small kitchens can feel dark and cramped. Add light and a sense of space by adding LED strip lighting to shelves and the tops of cupboards.

10. Store small items in bins

Keep all your small items like packets, tins, snacks etc. in clear bins within cupboards. This adds much-needed space and keeps everything tidy in small cupboards.

11. Add a plate rack

Rather than stacking plates, install a plate rack to give easy, organized storage in a tight space.

12. Use a lazy susan

A lazy susan is a great tool to use in a cramped kitchen. It gives you easy access to your entire cupboard so nothing gets lost in the back.

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How to include the kids

1. Create an art wall to showcase their work

When our little ones bring their art home from school, we want to showcase it proudly. But rather than it covering the kitchen, making it look cluttered, create a dedicated art wall for your creative little one to fill.

2. Get them to help you by making labels

Kids love getting crafty. So get yourself a label maker and put the kids to work creating unique labels for your containers.

3. Teach them how to organize

It’s important to teach your children organization and cleaning skills as they grow. So as you’re getting the kitchen organized, involve your children and get them excited about organization.

4. Keep their snacks together

Kids can turn the kitchen into a war zone when they’re on the search for their favorite snacks and treats. By keeping their snacks together, you limit the need for searching and making a mess.

5. Give them their own tasks

Give your little ones their own jobs while you’re working in the kitchen. Get them to chop up some veggies or wash up the cups to get them involved in a productive way.

6. Create a chalkboard

A chalkboard is easily achieved with a tin of chalkboard paint and gives the kids a creative place to play while you’re busy cooking and cleaning.

7. Give them responsibility

Kids need responsibility to help them grow. Give them a chore in the kitchen they are responsible for every day. This will help keep the kitchen organized while keeping them involved.

8. Create a reward chart

Create a simple chart that tracks how much your little ones help each week and reward them on the weekend with something fun if they help out.

9. Create an arts and crafts box

For those days when you need to get the cooking and cleaning done but the kids won’t let it happen, create an arts and crafts box for the kitchen you can easily pull out and occupy them with while you’re busy.

DIY kitchen organization

1. Add crates to a wall

Creates are an inexpensive way to add farmhouse flair to your kitchen. Plus, the added storage will make organizing your kitchen that little bit easier.

2. Add some floating shelves

Floating shelves are a more modern way to add more storage to your kitchen. You can find cheap shelves online or use reclaimed wood with some quirky brackets to make them look unique.

3. Use transfers to create stylish labels

Instead of buying labels to help you organize your kitchen, why not use transfers on glass containers? This is a fun activity you can involve the kids in and gives your kitchen a beautiful style.

4. Paint mason jars for stylish storage

Adding mason jars to your countertops keeps your utensils organized and tidy. Add some style by painting some mason jars with chalk paint. It’s an easy DIY project that has a big impact.

6. Add magnetic strips to walls for knives

Storing large knives can be tricky when you have limited storage space. Instead, stick a magnetic strip to a wall near your prep space to attach your knives to. This gives a wonderful chef-style look to your kitchen with minimal effort.

7. Add a peg board for funky storage

Pegboards are an inexpensive way to add tons of extra storage to your kitchen. Add different sized pegs for saucepans, utensils, important letters and more.

8. Create a measurement conversion chart

How annoying is it when you’re baking only to get stuck on how much butter you should be adding? Use chalk paint to add a simple measurement conversion chart to your cupboard or wall to make cooking that little bit less stressful.

9. Add magnetic strips under shelves for spices

Magnetic strips are also a great way of keeping spices out of the way. Stick them underneath floating shelves and attach spice jars to them with metal lids to keep them organized.

10. Transform an old crate into a command center

A command center in the kitchen allows you to keep the whole family organized. An old crate can be upcycled with a little paint and some hooks to create an inclusive place for school letters, bills, invoices and more.

11. Make your spices uniform and pretty

Spices look so much tidier when they’re in uniform containers. Get yourself some small jars to add your spices to and create unique labels to keep track of which is which.

12. Chop up cereal boxes to create drawer dividers

An inexpensive way to organize drawers is to cut up cereal boxes and use the bottoms as drawer organizers. Each one creates a little compartment for storing different items. Wrap them in pretty paper or get the little ones to paint them to add a unique touch!

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Your kitchen should be a fun, peaceful place you love to spend time in cooking and creating memories with the whole family. By following just some of our organization tips, tricks, and ideas, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, organized space for the whole family!

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