8 Clothes Upcycling Ideas To Keep It Frugal

Recycling is a thing of the past. Welcome to the future – upcycling! I’m not talking about plastics or other materials, I’m talking about old, used clothes we tend to either throw out or forget to use at all. But their time has yet to come and in this post, I will give you some of the best ideas out there to make your old clothes look new and fresh off the catwalk! Let’s upcycle some pants people!

1. Bleach Them Clothes!

As seen on Morning Chores

Black shirt, colored pen, and some bleach. Getting ideas already? I am – I’ve already been doing this for the last week or so! There are such amazing and funny things you can do with these three simple things to make your wardrobe look completely new and modern!

2. Old T-Shirt Scarf

As seen on Trends And Ideas

My friends at Trends And Ideas got me with this super cool idea of making a scarf out of your old t-shirts. Imagine the possibilities! Make a scarf out of your husband’s favorite sports clubs or your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless! Hell, I’d just go shopping for new t-shirts and just make scarves.

3. T-shirt Blanket

As seen on Instructables

When I was little, I used to have a safety blanket. Honestly, I still do and it reminds me of some very fond times. Now with this idea from DIY For Life, you can make your safety blanket have superpowers! Pile up some DC or Marvel heroes next to each other and combine their powers to make a blanket resistant to kryptonite! Your kids won’t ever want to give this one up.

4. T-shirt Dress

Who said you can’t make a dress from t-shirts? I guess nobody – here’s a really great guide on how to actually do it. Mad Crafter gives a step by step walkthrough that will make your least favorite t-shirt into your most treasured summer dress.

5. Shoe Makeover

Have old shoes that are past their time and have just lost their sparkle? Well here’s a great idea on how to make them shine again in full color! Or monochrome. Or full on glitter! The girls at Catching FIreflies Gifts have created an in-depth guide on how you can inject some life back into your old shoes in no time.

6. Anthropologie Tee Refashion

As seen on Merricks Art

So you have two favorite t-shirts and can’t choose which one to wear. So why not combine them? One in the front, one in the back and you’ve got yourself double the style. Experiment with the pockets while you’re at it!

7. From Adult Shirt To Toddler Romper

As seen on Heathers Handmade

Ever seen Benjamin Button? Well, this is what happens when brilliant people like Heather gets her hands on an adult shirt – she turns it into a chic and modern looking toddler romper. Want to find out how? Just head over to her post and see the full guide first hand. These adorable rompers will not disappoint.

8. From T-shirt To Pajamas

As seen on It’s Always Autumn

Did I mention that I just love T-shirts? You can make virtually anything with them including handbags. But that’s another thing…  Right now, the crew at It’s Always Autumn is showing us how to make them into pajamas! Not just any type of pajamas, but nightgown pajamas, for you, for your baby (maybe even your hubby) and everyone else. Just find some t-shirts in appropriate sizes and let your creativity rock!

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