My Nine Fine Fitness Videos Under 30 Minutes

Our busy lives often get the best of us. We have so much to do that we forget about the things most important in life: family, ourselves and, especially, our health. We convince ourselves we don’t have time for a quick lunch with the kids, or an hour workout in the gym. And even if we make the time, we rush through a workout absent-mindedly.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, researchers have found that quick bursts of physical exercise are equally as effective (even more so) than spending an hour in the gym. Even if your pressed for time, a short, intense workout a couple of times a week is enough to keep your health in check.

Sound impossible? Check out the following videos and find a simple routine that works for you.

1. Total Body Workout by Blogilates

Nobody said pilates was easy. And you might be thinking, how am I possibly going to fit this in my busy schedule? Well, Cassey has created a quick pilates workout for beginners that you can do anywhere, anytime. It works your arms, legs, abs and focuses on proper breathing (something we forget to do during our busy hours).

2. Cardio Kickboxing Workout by Fitness Blender

If you’re not into pilates and want something more intense, what’s more intense than a kickboxing workout? Paired up with some aerobics, it’s the perfect go-to routine to kick some butt (literally!).

3. Butt Workout by Pamela Rf

Work dem buns girl! You might be stuck in your chair all day long, but that doesn’t mean your butt should suffer. Sit with pride and a tight bum all day long after this workout.

4. Total Body Conditioning Workout by BeFit

This is perfect if you’re looking for a full-body workout. It’s just one of the workouts from BeFit’s workout playlist, so make sure to check out the rest too!

5. Ab Workout by Alexis Ren

Who better to show you how to get fantastic abs than the Instagram queen Alexis Ren? She may be young, but her life is nothing short of busy. Check out her ab workout exercise now and start building those muscles!

6. 30-Minute Full Body Calorie Burner by Class FitSugar

You think you can’t break a sweat in 30 minutes? Think again! With this sweat-dripping, metabolism-pumping 30-minute video by Class FitSugar, you’ll be left breathless and feeling sexier at the end. It’s a combo of simple exercises that you can do at home or at your office.

7. Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment by Fitness Blender

Calorie burning at home with no equipment? Bring it on! This is an insanely easy yet effective workout routine that you can do in your living room without any equipment whatsoever. Burn those calories fast and with style!

8. Low Impact 30-minute Cardio Workout by the Body Project

Don’t let the name fool you. This 30-minute workout routine is anything but low impact. But it is slow and intense to completely restart your metabolism. Burn some calories and drip some sweat while toning your but, legs and arms.

9. 30-minute Fat-Burning Interval Workout by Runtastic Fitness

If you have a mat, some water, and a great attitude, then you will enjoy this 30-minute fat burning interval workout. You’ll get a detailed explanation for each exercise and be dripping with sweat in seconds. Intense? Of course! This routine will complement your busy lifestyle perfectly. And the best part is, you can do it anywhere you want – home, office, hotel wherever you need.

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