15 Space-Saving Organization Tips For Your Home

There’s no such thing as too much storage. And the simple DIY projects below are  going to prove it.

1. Island Bookshelf

An awesome way to use up every inch of space in your house – a bookshelf in your kitchen island! But this can hold so much more than books – you could store spices, pans, utensils, basically anything that is taking up precious space on your kitchen worktops.

2. Shower shelf

I love this built in shelf because it looks very modern and elegant while providing enough space for your shampoos, shower gels etc. It might take a little bit more time to make, but I’m sure that with the right tools you can easily create this and make your shower a place you never want to leave. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.

3. Crafting cabinet

If you’re like me and love nothing more than a good craft project, I know you’d give anything for a cabinet like this one, for sure! Those little box shelves for your paints and brushes, the gorgeous slim drawers for all your other supplies… Oh what a heaven. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a cabinet like this, you can always improvise – use a kitchen cabinet as the base, add little square shelves on top and voila! The perfect place to truly enjoy your crafts.

4. Storage shelves

This is a great place to store all your cookbooks. Another way you can use it is as a nightstand, especially if you have wall lamps or one of those clip-on lamps. Very clever, right? The ultimate clutter eliminator for your house!

5. Rolling Storage Ottoman


This is a well known space saver, however not often utilized. If you have kids, let me give you a tip – fill this baby up with toys and you just earned yourself at least a couple of hours of me-time.

6. Binder Clips for your pantry

If you’re like me, you have tons of these but rarely find the perfect use for them. When I saw this post by One Good Thing by Jillee, it blew my mind, so I started incorporating it every where I could in my house.

7. Stackable Wire Baskets

This one is so practical and pretty. You’ll feel as if you have your very own market in your home. Super cute! If you’re feeling creative you can buy some spray paint in your favorite color and make the baskets even prettier.

8. DIY Drawer Dividers

I can say for sure that Megan from The Homes I Have Made has created some of the prettiest, cheapest, and easiest drawer dividers ever! These are so customizable – use paper that suits your needs and liking and I guarantee you’ll feel much more calm and fulfilled knowing you’ve just organized your drawers on a REALLY SMALL budget.

9. New Space for your Measuring Cups


Okay, this one is as simple as it gets. It’s so simple that I don’t think I ever would have thought of it. No more comments. I’m done.

10. Day to day organization for your kids

Other than organizing your home, I found this pretty simple way to organize your kids and keep track of their activities. You can include a reward system for them along with this which will motivate them to finish their chores in no time.

11. Garage Storage

We all have strollers or bikes lying around the house making a huge mess. Even if you don’t have a garage, you can simply install a hook like this in a free corner of your home.

12. Hair Stylers Storage

PVC pipes, a glue gun and all of your hair styling tools are all you need for this one. It certainly comes in handy when you’re late for an event and you don’t have time to untangle all their cords – now you won’t have to because they’re finally neat and tidy!

13. From shelf brackets to a desk organizer

A very elegant file organizer for any home office. Might I say, a budget friendly one as well (it’s only $15)!

14. Kitchen Cabinet into A Child’s Desk

This is one of those things I wish I had when I was little. Motivate your kid to spark their creativity by crafting this super cool miniature desk from Shades of Blue Interiors. You’ll be free to do everything around the house without having to worry about your little ones since they’ll be letting their imagination loose over in their corner.

15. Wire racks for your shoes


Missing shoe storage? Ama over at Bob Vila has got you covered with this super simple wire rack addition.

When you want to save space you also need to think about how this activity impacts your overall household spending. Why? Because ultimately, freeing up space means more room to put additional stuff in these particular rooms, more time spent in these rooms, and at the end more energy spent.

So take into account the following: If you free more space how much energy do you save?

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