Top Travel Tips To Become An Expert Globetrotter

How many times have you had a canceled flight, packed too much stuff, couldn’t figure out the local language or just got completely lost while on your travel adventures? I can’t count how many times I could’ve had a great trip but it ended up being mediocre just because I went unprepared. That’s why I’ve compiled a very simple list of tips that will help you glide through your trips unwavered and full of confidence – just like any expert globetrotter would. Enjoy!

1. Take Pictures of Everything You Take With You

You don’t want to lose stuff when traveling. Period. Even worse is losing luggage during connecting flights. So take photos of all your belongings to help the officials locate them faster and easier when things do go missing. Check out a bunch of other useful tips over on Matt’s blog post and conquer your globetrotting experience with ease.

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2. Timing Is Everything When Buying Tickets

Should you wait for a last minute deal or book in advance? I guess this question can finally be answered thanks to Messy Nessy Chics insightful infographic. Airlines know a lot about our buying habits and that’s why buying last minute is what a lot of people do – therefore prices go up as high as 40%. Check out the infographic to learn more.

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3. Maximize Packing Space

I always used to just stuff everything in my suitcase and then sit on it to zip it closed. It never seemed to work though and I always left some important things behind. That is until I realized that there are not one but eight different packing styles that can help maximize bag space and help you pack more efficiently. Let’s start rolling some shirts!

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4. Learn Basic Phrases In Your Destination’s Language

I remember the last time I went to Japan. Due to my excitement, I completely forgot to learn some basic phrases and words to find my way around Tokyo. Luckily a lot of people knew English, but I vowed to never let it happen again. Make sure you learn some basic phrases to help you get around and engage with the locals more.

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5. Don’t Skip On Travel Insurance

Seriously, learn from my mistakes (and Planet D’s). Always get travel insurance.  You’re going to visit completely different climates, with completely different ecosystems and people. A slight trip on a rock might cost you dearly if you don’t take out a simple travel insurance package for you and your family. Check out the tips at Planet D and learn how you can get the best insurance for your travels. 

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6. Only Pack Essentials

Frugal living was a myth to me a year ago. I only stumbled upon it after going to Europe with 5 suitcases, as if I was going to live there for 10 years, not 10 days.  But I found out that the less I carried the happier I was and the more time I had to focus on the travel destination rather than on what I would wear each day. Frugality for the win!

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7. Get Lost

This one sounds like I’m kicking you out, but seriously, whenever you go to a new city, get lost intentionally. Your inner Columbus will wake up and who knows what kind of hidden gems you’ll find during your exploration. Check out the following guide on how to purposefully get lost whenever you go to a different city. 

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